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Alright, I can't put myself to write a decent sonnet to introduce myself on ere. So I'll just get to the point. I'm a man, single, join DA because I seek motives. I like photos, drawings, & portraits especially of a woman. I really like erotic & nude women, even more with chains (am I sick?). No, I don't fap to them (that's what you think ain't cha?) I just look at them because... well... I like it. What more do you need? I love to write sonnets, traditional style, it's hard & challenging. Considering that English ain't my 1st tongue, it is really hard. I write poems sometimes, tho I like sonnets more. I enjoy drawing, but I can't draw any good compare to any of you out there. I'd just stick to cluttering my lecture papers in the meantime. I am a maniac when I have a camera with me, I'll snapshot everything I see as beautiful, even taking snapshots of people without them noticing (Yes! call the cops, I'd just violated some people's privacy). I might write something here & then, but don't expect anything much from me.

Want to know more? ASK ME!
Will I answer? None of your damn business!!!!!!
(just kidding)
((sort of!))
Do you think I do things without a reason? Do you really think it's just a shear stubbornness? You know nothing of me. You don't know how I came to be, what I've been through & why do I push beyond the limits, why do I even bother fighting.
My rights of birth has been rejected & my rights of existence has been denied.

-I fight because I have no reasons to live. I fight so I may find my own reasons to exist, my reason to be able to look at myself in the mirror & not feel ashamed by the reflection it brings. So I can look at myself & take pride that I've come this far.

-I fight because I have to find my place in the world as the world close its doors on me. As my rights of existence has been denied, I've been thrown around from places to places & I am weak, I AM WEAK. Though I may be weak, but I know I must not give up. I must fight, I must turn my weakness into strength, with this strength, I may find my place in the world.

-I fight because I don't believe in giving up. I fight even when all hope is lost because there might be something waiting for me if I keep fighting, if I made it through, if I won, because I feel closer to where I should be & I may understand how does it like to actually live someday.

-I fight because I have a dream, a dream that I may actually live, to live & understand how does it like to be alive. How does it like to be gracious & joyous at every dawn & how calm & solace at every dusk. How warm & welcoming when you're with friends & loved ones.

-I fight because this is my fight, a fight I must partake as the world thrusts it upon me. Because the world would not understand, but yet its destructive curiosities are limitless. Because the world will not fight for me, because the world will not take me in as a part of it. Therefore, I must fight.

-I fight because even if when I fail, even if I will have a miserable life, so that by the moment of my very last breath, I could bare the thought of death as I know I have once stood up for myself, that I've die fighting. Even with the bleakest, tiniest victory, I may die in peace.

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doolhoofd Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Two folders in my favourites you might like, female forms and Mia Solis.

A lot of stuff by André Brito and Stefan Grosjean.
RighiCarlo Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
Thanks for the comments.
Ateonik Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Thanks for the comments.
TheAngstyPoet Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
I saw your forum about sarcastic poems. look up the Decalogue by Ambrose Bierce that's funny as hell. Also Miniver Cheevy though I can't remember who that's by.
Thx for the heads up.
youryaleness Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, welcome to dA!
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